Founder - November 2017 - Present

I founded Cost Projects midway through my Senior year while studying Design, and Entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan. I started by creating hand-dyed, embroidered tees, with unique designs never to be repeated. Using daily auctions on Instagram, I sold a One of One tee for over 100 days straight. This socially conscious fashion brand focuses on authenticity, community engagement, and individuality looking to bridge the gap between art, sports, and culture.

Girls Girls Girls Roar! is about celebrating the collective power of women. The phrase is meant to encourage women to use their voices, their narratives, and their power to initiate dialogue and societal change surrounding women’s issues. Our intention is for people to appreciate women's significance when wearing the clothing.

03/30/2018 - A collaboration w/ Jordyn Fishman 

01/31/2019 - Present

Throwback Threads is a series of pieces in which I customize thrifted jerseys, crewneck, and jackets.  The series looks to combat the wastefulness of fast-fashion with unique cross-cultural designs that tastefully connect sports, music, and art. The pieces are sold through weekly auctions on Instagram, crowning the highest bidder at midnight the winner.


A Fourth of July collection celebrating our favorite memories of summer with popsicle inspired logos and hand-dyed cotton tees


A collection of vintage crewnecks that were inspired by the vibrant color palette of Matchbox Toy Cars and racing iconography, as seen above in the 2018 Michigan Fashion Media Summit.



Store Optimization Intern - Summer 2017 

As a Store Optimization Intern, two fellow interns and I were presented with the task of delivering a localized Tee Shirt strategy for Summer 2017. Our team was responsible for the entirety of the project from buying and allocations to in-store presentation. 

Design Process

I designed a Manhattan tee shirt, using the area code morphed into a sneaker, that was released in New York City Kid's Foot Locker (KFL) flagship stores. The design was printed with Gold Foil HTV to complete the premium, on-trend design. I incorporated a numbering system in the bottom left corner of the tee to highlight the exclusivity of the tee. 

Visual Merchandising

I was in charge of designing the In-Store Presentation within the budget, timeframe, and materials of each storefront. I then provided the Store Managers with the digital Visual Directive, before following up in person to get the whole In-Store team excited about the project.

Reaction to Sales

We opted to have my original design printed by KFL's private label (as opposed to using a Pre-Approved Nike or Adidas design). In addition to creative control, this allowed us to achieve a higher Percent Markup even though each tee was printed with a different tag (1 of 212, 2 of 212, etc.). Within the first week of sales, the 212 Tee achieved a Sell-Through 23 % points higher than a Jordan Brand tee released with a Retro Jordan. The tee sold best in XL, revealing the potential of the design in adult sizing.



12/30/2018 - Present 

I work with Chase Winovich and Team Wino brand to design merchandise for his online store, in addition to collaborating on marketing, branding, and go-to-market strategies.  On our first series of designs, we generated over $11,000 of sales in 24 hours.

11/2017 - Hart of the City

For my sweatshirt capsule, Hart of the City, I wanted to expand on the accessibility of art, and protest art. By looking through the lens of socially conscious hip-hop, I constructed five different sweatshirts illustrating the concepts portrayed in the artist's music adding my own unique perspective. Each sweatshirt started as a blank white hoodie and from there,  I hand dyed the sweatshirts and reconstructed the hoodies with different laser-cut fabrics, spray paint, heat transfer vinyl, and fabric ink. 

Award-winning collection in the University of Michigan's Fall 2017 Undergraduate Juried Exhibition.